When home becomes the workplace

02 June 2021

When home becomes the workplace

When home becomes the workplace

We can find moments in History that have the ability of pulling out the rug and to change the perception concerning the environment around us.

In the last months we all felt a shift towards the house’s concept, where leisure and work got closer as never before. 

There is an important idea of not mixing these different worlds, however they got closer and closer, and probably they shared experiences they should not have shared. Surely the objects around us gained a new importance, however based on Feng-Shui rules, most of us has probably failed.

Side tables or coffee tables present themselves as objects categories that can truly improve the space harmony by the balance that it can be created in between the different objects.

At a small corner, in the middle of the room or next to our bed, this multifunctional typology gives the opportunity to support different common actions from our daily routine, such as placing a mug or a plate over something, to storage objects that we want to have under our noses, like a blanket or a pile of our lifetime books.

Take a look at our sides tables and try to imagine the several options for your place!

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