Top 5 Design Museums in Europe

04 March 2022

Top 5 Design Museums in Europe

Top 5 Design Museums in Europe

Design, as Victor Margolin said, is an activity that is central to the creation of culture, so here are the top 5 Design Museums if you want to find out more:

1 - Victoria & Albert Museum London

Starting as a Museum of Manufactures in 1852 now has a collection of over 2.3 million objects that span over 5.000 years. The V&A museum shows you resources from architecture to furniture, jewellery, theatre and fashion.

2 - Design museum in London

Shaping the modern world with design, this museum tells us the story of mass production, from the manufacturing of the 19th century to the digital innovations of today. The collection shows every type of design from architecture, fashion, furniture, graphic design, media and transport.

3 - Vitra Design Museum in Germany

Dedicated to the research of design, this museum shows you the relationship between architecture, art and everyday culture. On the main building, Vitra annually mounts two major
temporary exhibitions but also smaller shows in the Vitra Museum Gallery.
This museum focuses more on contemporary themes.

4 - Triennale Design Museum in Italy

The roots of this museum go back to the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts which promoted the relationship between art, industry and society.
The Triennale di Milano became a cultural centre focused on industrial design, architecture and, later, on fashion, graphic design and visual communication.

5 - Design Museum Gent in Belgium

This museum was established in 1903 by the Association of Industrial and Decorative Arts. The old Museum for Decorative Arts and Design changed its focus from the applied arts to the broader scope of industrial and artistic design. Today, their collection has approximately 22,500 objects.

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