Tips to decorate a dining room

27 June 2022

Tips to decorate a dining room

Tips to decorate a dining room

The dining room can be a tricky place to decorate because it needs the perfect balance of the space you have with the space you need.
Before you start designing, figure out the room’s primary function, if your goal is to host parties or just for your family meals will be there. Here are a few tips to help you:

1 - Light

Light is very important for your meals and it will set the tone for your entire room so a good strategy can be to place a chandelier on the ceiling above the dining table so it doesn’t bother your table and you keep your space.

2 - Storage

Having bookshelves or any kind of storage beside your dining table can be practical, keeping your ceramics and tableware there if you need them.
Our solution is Scale 4.6, as you can it as the flexibility to accommodate objects with different heights and custom scales to your taste is ensured.

3 - Rugs

Add a pattern and texture with a rug under your dining table. This will soften the area and define your space so your dining table doesn’t look lost.

4 - Table

When the room isn’t huge, round tables can be the perfect choice to keep flow since it doesn’t have any corners.
A good material is wood because it's durable, though and it’ll give your room a natural look.
Check out Sliced, our round table made of 100% solid oak bottom structure and two half-circle plywood tops.

5 - Art

Give the final touch to your dining room with art. Show your personality through some paintings or different objects and this will add life to your room.

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