Tips to bring colour when decorating your home

02 June 2022

Tips to bring colour when decorating your home

Tips to bring colour when decorating your home

A neutral house can be very beautiful and clean but a colourful house shows personality and sets a happier mood. It can be a challenge so we want to give you some guidance:

1 - Simplicity

It can be overwhelming to set up your colour scheme. A good way to make it balanced is to choose a primary colour and a secondary one and match your decor with both. This will help you to avoid a mess.

2 - Walls

You can go from wallpaper with a pattern or just paint one wall with a tone darker than the rest of your walls. If you like to take it up a notch, choose a bold and contrasting colour from a fabric in your space.

3 - Through Art

If you already have a few paintings or large decorative pieces, go from there and it is a safe way to choose your colour palette.
It doesn’t need to be through your art, you can also go from colourful furniture or rugs.

4 - Patterns

Don´t go over the top on this one, choose small decorative objects like pillows, blankets or vessels with colourful patterns and it will enhance your room.

5 - Reflect

If you already followed these previous suggestions, a mirror is the perfect final touch. A large mirror will reflect light and colour to your area.

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