Tips for a small bathroom’s decor

12 August 2022

Tips for a small bathroom’s decor

Tips for a small bathroom’s decor

Are you looking for suggestions to make your small areas seem bigger? Most bathrooms don’t have a lot of space, so make every inch count. Of course, a small room is always a challenge, but it's all about intelligent storage, design tricks and a clean area. So here are some ideas to enhance a small bathroom:


There are two contrasting tips in this matter, one is to keep everything with light and bright colors, so you can reflect the natural light, letting the maximum light enter and make your room seem more open.
On the other hand, you can choose to make everything with dark colors giving your bathroom depth and creating an illusion of a larger space.


Mirrors are important in this type of area for daily use, but they are good in small areas because they create an illusion of a bigger room.
We suggest Faial mirror because it’s not only a mirror but it has the functionality of a hanger so you can hang your towels and robes.


If you don’t have plenty of space, storage has a major role in your space’s decor.
Place some wall shelves to keep your bathroom products or even a stool like Plank II, as you can see in this picture, to place your towels or other products you might use.

Keep it clean

These suggestions will not work if your area is full of clutter and dirt, so keep it neat and tidy to make your bathroom look always flawless. Also, avoid mold and mildew by cleaning your showers weekly.

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