The top 5 classic horror movies to review this Halloween

27 October 2021

The top 5 classic horror movies to review this Halloween

The top 5 classic horror movies to review this Halloween

Come play with us during this spooky season and get dazzled by our film suggestions and some trivia about them (don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here). Here’s what you’ll need: a sofa, the candies you won after trick or treating and a dark living room to set the mood. If you’re late, you can always stop at Bates Motel.

  1. Psycho (1960)

    Everybody knows the classic scene on Bates Motel’s shower, but a few know that the movie director - Alfred Hitchcock - bought the rights to Robert Bloch's novel and asked his assistant to buy all the copies she could find to preserve the film’s twists. He even withheld the release of any stills from the movie's key scenes, and refused to let film critics see the movie ahead of time.
    Although he never won, the director had his fifth and final Oscar’s nomination for best director with Psycho.

  2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

    Even though this film is known as a true story, it actually isn’t. Gunnar Hansen, the actor who starred as Leatherface wrote (Chain Saw Confidential) separating the film's facts from fiction. This character is based on the real-life murderer Ed Gein, who collected body parts to make household items, clothing, and masks.

  3. The shining (1980)

    The most iconic scene from this movie - Hereeeeee’s Johnny - was improvised by the actor Jack Nicholson and it wasn’t the only one. Lloyd, who plays Danny, decided to change his voice and flex his finger to animate “Tony”, his imaginary friend, making his scenes even creepier.
    And the best part of The Shining is its many interpretations, since the film is wide open for you to interpret and every time you watch it , you discover something you never noticed before.

  4. A Nightmare on Elm street (1984)

    The idea of this classic horror movie came from a newspaper article. In the 80’s there was an epidemic of people dying in their sleep with no explanations, mostly among southeast Asian refugees. This condition became known as Asian death syndrome and Wes Craven got the idea behind Freddy Krueger. Also inspired by a man who scared Craven as a kid and named after his school bully.

  5. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

    A small budget film made with less than 25,000$ that turned into one of the most successful independent films ever to earn 248 million $.
    The Blair Witch project only took 8 days to shoot, the main 3 actors had to sign a release form agreeing to let the producers mess with their heads. And they did, there are scenes that weren’t in the script in order to get the genuinely terrified reactions from the actors.

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