Refresh your home for summer

12 May 2022

Refresh your home for summer

Refresh your home for summer

It’s time to remove all your blankets and extra pillows and let fresh air in!

Start by doing that spring cleaning and even do a house makeover. Move around your furniture, you can move your sofa next to a window to read in the sunlight. If you want to buy new pieces, maybe minimalistic and simple furniture is the best option, it’ll look fresher.

Go for lighter fabrics, lighter tones like white or cream and lose all the fur. To complement this, using natural accessories, like wicker baskets, will make the environment more bright and airy.

Another good suggestion is changing the drapes, curtains are always good for winter to keep that cozy look but in the summer you should try sheer curtains or even bamboo shade, it will give you privacy while it´ll allow air circulation.

Nothing says more summer than fun colors. Add pops of color to make the environment happier with some paintings, vibrant objects and bowls of citrus fruits.

Open those windows and let the sun bring natural light to your home. In the winter you think of the fireplace or candles but it’s time to remove anything that blocks the light, you can also use mirrors to reflect light.

For the perfect and final touch, add summer scents. Bright scents will set the mood, whether it is a moral floral fragrance or more fruity.

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