Portuguese Stone today – through the lens of design

22 June 2022

Portuguese Stone today – through the lens of design

Portuguese Stone today – through the lens of design

There is a big tradition in Portugal of working with stone which can be find through different examples of architecture, sculpture, and urban planning. Unique building such as Torre de Belém and Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, in Lisbon, where the the typical Lioz stone can shine, or the Igreja dos Clérigos with the gray and heavy granite represent two different urban regions with two different typical stones. They are probably the most know varieties, however the richness of this material goes far beyond these two examples.

Trough the international project Primeira Pedra, that started in 2016 as a branch of Experimenta Design under the direction of Guta Moura Guedes, where they present us a unique approach to the Portuguese Stone.

Presenting itself with a multidisciplinary research program, focused on the physical-mechanical and aesthetics characteristics and on valuing the great geological variety of stones in the Portuguesa landscape. Trough synergies created between the industry and a group of creatives, ranging from designers, visual artists or architects, they intended to create the perfect conditions to explore this material without the standard mindset and reinventing alternative paths.

The project was divided in to different phases and context, since exhibitions, a website, digital applications, a documentary, among others.

This week is a special week for this project, mainly because it will open an exhibition and they will hold a conference, at the Museu Nacional dos Coches and at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA, respectively, so Backhome takes the opportunity to share this two events where you can get in touch with the 74 works. The opening and the conference will happening on the 23rd of June.

Primeira Pedra emphasizes the importance of the materials and consequently the research and investigation. We can think about stone as local material and sustainable. Knowing that it is a finite material, we have to be more aware of the its use, always bearing in mind that its characteristics offer objects a great longevity, which is a value supported by Backhome. Buy less and offer a longer lifespan.

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