Optimizing space to turn it into your home

15 September 2021

Optimizing space to turn it into your home

Optimizing space to turn it into your home

Moving out? Or are you just tired of looking at the same furniture? Then it’s time to think smart about how you’re going to decorate your new home.

One important thing to optimize space is having furniture with multiple purposes like a sofa-bed or a folding table for more storage and space. Nowadays, the priority in furniture is a balance between design and function.Cambalhota sofa bed has its advantages since in 1 minute, and in a simple gesture of pulling its pillows, your sofa turns into a bed, don’t even bother to buy a mattress.

Avoiding clutter will help to make your home look bigger since everything is organized and clear. Try to have plenty of space available so it doesn’t look overcrowded. Also, use some of those empty spaces (like corners) for storage. Support and versatile pieces as stools are helpful for a plant holder, a side table or even make a small bookcase as they’re stackable, see for example our Legu stool.

Be smart with your colours and engage your walls with your furniture. We don’t want your home to look boring so we decided to bring more colour options like Bravo chair available in black or Cambalhota sofa that has 5 different colour options (ash, red, green, blue and yellow).

New furniture, new chapter. Decorate your house to make you feel at home.

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