Meet designer Luciana Barbosa

03 March 2022

Meet designer Luciana Barbosa

Meet designer Luciana Barbosa

What made you become a designer?

The love and interest in producing objects emerged early and unconsciously, with the exploration of everything that surrounded me, since the materials, mostly of natural origin such as pine bark, to the handcraft tools that cohabited at home. The effective interest in becoming a designer arises at the end of high school where I realize that I could develop and make relevant objects, of daily use for people, where I combine two major personal interests, design/creativity and the materialization of ideas in objects.  And as soon as I entered the university to specialize in the area, I felt I was in the right place and that this was what I wanted to do professionally. But being a designer is not limited to the professional area, it is a way of being and living life to me.

What is your inspiration?

What inspires me most is the context, is the research about this same context and this can be the history of the company, a specific technique, a future projection, the people among other things. Inspiration can come from anywhere, it changes according to the project, objective and purpose. What only remains as transversal is the creative process to reach the ideas, their development and materialization.

How do you describe your approach to design?

From a personal point of view, my approach to design is always twofold, to harmoniously combine research, increasingly scientific, with the materialization/production of objects within their contexts. I am very interested, and increasingly so, in research, and I believe it can make a huge contribution to design and open new fields of action, for companies, people and the planet. My approach is to connect or interconnect unconnected dots in a creative way and develop strong purposes, going beyond form, function and aesthetics.

Describe the creative process when designing a piece.

Briefly, I follow a more or less established pattern, which begins with the contextualization, then the definition of ideas, redefinition/refinement of them, then implementation until delivery. In the contextualization, I bet on research, in the definition I combine physical and digital elements to expose the ideas, in the redefinition the strongest and most viable ideas are identified and exposed, in the implementation the MVP's are tested and technical details are refined and in the delivery there is the evaluation of the project itself under different perspectives: result and receptivity, among others. It's a circular process, semi-open and based on design and research. I believe it allows the constant renewal, reinvention and systematization of the R&D process as well as the achievement of innovations and relevant projects.

As a designer, what’s your strongest skill?

The constant search for knowledge in the most diverse universes, materializing it into ideas and products. The taste and affinity with the business world, innovation and strategy.

What would you say is the future of design?

Design has always been in search of its identity, I believe that it will continue to do so, not only because the technological advances are and will be many, such as the integration of AI in the creation and design of products, but also because of the new assumptions and challenges that are being placed on them, including: the issue of sustainability, with the integration of new stakeholders in the act of creation as the planet, the issue of impact of design, where it equates and accounts for all expenses around a piece, including the full replacement of the material needed and spent on its execution, among others. I believe that design is more than simple matter and that it can make a strong contribution in solving fracturing problems of society and planet, responding to neglected needs and creating a world a little better.

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