Making your home cozy for fall season

17 September 2021

Making your home cozy for fall season

Making your home cozy for fall season

Leaves are turning brown and you know fall is coming. That perfect season for a movie night or a stay-home night, and for the cherry on top? Feeling cozy while you’re home. But how can you do that?

Starting with your walls, you’d prefer to go with warmer tones like browns joined by neutrals. Place some carpets so you can walk shoeless in your home while your feet stay warm. Set some fresh flowers, or decorate it with cute leaves like wheat, and candles.

Take useless spaces and turn them into your hideaway. With just some pillows and blankets, you can have a safe space to be by yourself. Open a Cambalhota sofa with a blanket, near the window, and enjoy the moment reading a book.

Get open-minded and creative with your furniture. Mix modern furniture with a vintage touch, different styles. If you have minimalistic decor, vintage and colourful sofas can be an option. You can also try some rustic decoration in your living room and light up a fireplace. There’s nothing that says summer’s over than to be by the fireplace just chilling.

Last but not least, invest in your dining table. Go crazy in your table decorations and food because it’s the perfect time to gather your family or friends and have dinner together. Take some apples and cranberries that are especially good for this season. Our Sliced table is a good option if you want a versatile piece, so you can have dinner and later use it as a desk with the open table top to organize the passage of cables to your computer.

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