How to set the dining table

05 January 2022

How to set the dining table

How to set the dining table

In the spirit of our new collab with Costa Nova, a portuguese brand especialized in ceramics and stoneware collections, we want you to be the perfect host and one of the many ways to do that is by setting the table properly showing that you care about your guests. There are 3 ways to set the table:

1 - Basic table setting

This setting is for most relaxed occasions. Start by placing the plate at the centre, everything else will be around it:

  • On the left of the plate, is the fork;
  • On the right of the plate, is the knife and next to it is the spoon;
  • The water glass is placed above the knife;
  • The napkin can be placed on the plate or, for a more informal setting, under the fork.

2 - Casual table setting

Start with the basic setting, just add some flatware:

  • If you’re serving salad, add a salad plate on top of the dinner plate;
  • If serving soup, place a soup bowl on top of the salad plate;
  • On the right of the water glass, place the wine glass.

3 - Formal table setting

This is for a more elegant event with a three-course meal. The big difference between the formal and the casual setting is the use of the charger (presentation plates) instead of a normal dinner plate.
Begin with the casual table setting and add a few items such as:

  • On the right of the water glass, add the white wine glass and, slightly above, add the red wine glass;
  • On the left of the charger, place the fish fork, the dinner fork and the salad fork;
  • Above the 3 forks, place the bread plate and on top of it is the butter knife;
  • On the right of the charger, add the dinner knife, the fish knife and the soup spoon;
  • In the middle and above the charger comes the dessert fork and the dessert spoon;
  • Add a napkin under the fork.

For a nice elegant touch, you can place a card with your guests’ names so they know where to sit.

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