How to make your home feel like spring

24 March 2022

How to make your home feel like spring

How to make your home feel like spring

That time of the year when flowers start to blossom has arrived so open those windows and feel the sun.

Place fresh flowers

As we said earlier, nothing screams spring more than flowers starting to blossom and it will give your home pops of colour. Give priority to those dark corners.

Lighter fabrics

Say goodbye to those furry blankets and embrace light fabrics like cotton with nude and brighter tones.

Reduce clutter

Add baskets so you can reduce the clutter. This is the perfect accessory to keep your blankets tidied up and still make your house look stylish.

Minimalistic and light-toned furniture

Woods like oak will provide a fresh touch to your space and minimalistic furniture will give the idea of lightness.

Natural light

Open those windows and enjoy this beautiful season, with light. Using mirrors is a good way to reflect even more light if you don’t have as many windows as you wanted to.

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