How to decorate the Christmas tree

15 December 2021

How to decorate the Christmas tree

How to decorate the Christmas tree

1 - The perfect tree

You can choose between an artificial tree or a real one. Choices range from a real pine tree to an artificial pink tree. The most important thing is to fluff the branches so it looks fuller and prettier. If you have a lot of empty spaces you can even fill them with individual branches.

2 - Choose a theme or the colours

Establish a theme or just a set of colours that match each other, so you can buy the decoration in a safe way and it doesn't get confusing. You can opt for a theme with Disney decorations or just golden tones.

3 - Lights

Where to start decorating? It is important that lights are your first step in decorating the tree, as it can be difficult to put them on once you have the decorations hanging.

4 - Decoration

Start decorating it with your favourite ornaments and according to your theme/colour, give it personality. Add decorative ribbons to make it more elegant.

5 - The top

As any Christmas tree can never miss, don't forget the star on the top.

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