How to decorate a living room

21 April 2022

How to decorate a living room

How to decorate a living room

We all know that decorating your living room may not be an easy job, so we prepared a few tips to help you make the best decisions.

1 - Start big

Start with the largest objects like the sofa, this way it will be easier to know where to go next. Choose the fabric and colours of the sofa and use this as the starting point to set the living room’s tone.

2 - Choose your aesthetic

To help you with this step you can look into books, magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Maybe even make a mood board with your favourite decor styles or your favourite pieces.
You don’t need to stick only to one decor style but an overall design direction will help you to make the perfect living room.

3 - Mix light and dark

When the room is too white and bright, it can feel too neat and unapproachable. But when it's too dark, it can feel like a cave.
You’ll want to mix these two tones for the ideal balance. A living room has to be beautiful but comfortable.

4 - Texture

Play with texture to appeal to the touch and make your living room feel more cozy.
Wood is one of the top materials that will bring warmth to your space.

5 - Plants

This is the final touch to decorating a living room.
Plants will add life and freshness to any room and make you feel in touch with nature.

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