How to combine colors when decorating

04 November 2021

How to combine colors when decorating

How to combine colors when decorating

It's time to choose the pallets for your home and you don't know how to do it? There are many techniques that will help you make the right decision. The chromatic circle is the most important tool, divided by 12 colors, represents the spectrum of colors perceived by the human eye.

Monochrome is the technique of choosing just one color from this circle and using several shades of that same color, with different intensities.
The main goal is to create a uniform space and emphasize the psychological state caused by the chosen color. It's a technique often used to decorate baby rooms, with a pink or a blue color, causing tranquility.

The complementary colors happens when we combine colors on the opposite side of this circle, causing a pleasing contrast to the eye. An example of these could be red and green.

Analogous colors are formed by sequences. With 3 colors side-by-side in the chromatic circle, you can create a harmonious environment without contrast. However, darker tones can make your space look heavy.

There's also the divided complementary harmony technique and this is done with 3 colors. Similar to the complementary colors, you choose one color and its opposite from the circle, such as green and red. However, the complementary color (in this case red) is replaced by the 2 analogous colors, one on each side of the red, which results in green, orange and purple.

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