Give your living room a summer look

22 July 2022

Give your living room a summer look

Give your living room a summer look

Summer is a time that brings joy, happiness and fun moments so why not bring that over to your home?
Don’t know how to give your house a fresh look? Summer is that season when all your friends come over so it’s natural to want to decorate it with a summer look. Let’s start with a few suggestions for your living room.

1 - Color scheme

Use a bright color scheme fully inspired by this season, like peachy and terracotta tones. Since these are colorful but not heavy tones, it's easy to combine with other colors you already had in your living room.
Another good option is sunset shades, this will delight your mood.

2 - Nature

This is the most obvious, it's time to fill your space with fresh greenery and flowers. This will not only bring color and a good smell to your living room but it will make you feel good and in contact with nature and you can use vases in the same tones we told you before.
Legu stool looks great with vases and plants as you can see.

3 - Summer art

Embrace florals, fruit prints and those fresh elements as your wall art. Be bold and make a statement, use this in some decor objects as well.

4 - Light and mirrors

Open every window in your living room and if you have just a few, you can use mirrors to reflect that light. Another good thing about mirrors is that they create the illusion of a bigger living room. Our suggestion for you is Sticks mirrors with wooden details or Faial mirror that serves also as a hanger.

5 - Textures

Forget the blankets on your sofa and use natural and softer materials such as wicker baskets, bamboo, linen curtains and wooden furniture. In Backhome, we prefer oil finishings so you can see the wood veils, and protect your furniture while making it look natural.

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