Furniture Production - Why to act locally

07 June 2022

Furniture Production - Why to act locally

Furniture Production - Why to act locally

The Portuguese furniture industry plays an important role in the country’s exports, where in 2019 there were approximately 5,200 companies located in two major industrial centres in the North of Portugal. The objective was the growth and professionalization of the industry, betting on new technologies and new areas of action.

Since the beginning, Backhome bet on small producers in order to stimulate the local economy and create closer relationships with various stakeholders, and thus develop greater monitoring of their products and ensure their quality.

The process begins with a briefing about the product, through technical drawings and 3D images, in order to understand what techniques and technologies are best suited to our goal. In order to achieve consistent quality, CNC machines are a technology widely used in the production of various objects, because it allows great precision.

The finishing phase is of great importance because every detail needs to be perfect and finishings are the final touch in every product. Oil is the most used finish in the Backhome, because it waterproofs the wood, in a soft and natural way, and also allows for easy maintenance in the future.

Thinking in a 360º perspective about the piece and its surroundings, packaging presents itself as the culmination of the process, because it synthesizes in an efficient way the product in flat-pack format, resulting in greater transport efficiency.

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