Design's future has a conscience

28 September 2021

Design's future has a conscience

Design's future has a conscience

The concept of sustainability has constant changes that are reflected in the most diverse areas of our daily lives, of which ​​furniture and product's design is no exception.

If initially the idea of ​​being sustainable was heavily based on the act of recycling and using recyclable materials, nowadays it is essential to think holistically through a 360º look at the whole process. This means thinking and developing a piece of furniture or an object from the beginning, aware of the decisions made and the impact they'll have in the following phases, from the material's source to the manufacturing processes applied, to the packaging and transport, to the product lifetime, including the possibility of repairing it and thus extending its usability, without never forgetting the moment when it can no longer be used, and the purpose given to materials that are no longer in apparent use.

These approaches help to foster the existence of a greater circular economy, thus combating waste more efficiently and consequently creating greater environmental and social value.

It is also crucial to mention the social component linked to sustainability, where the conscious choice of the right partners can have real repercussions, this conscious choice interconnects with the locality of producers, thus supporting the local economy, creating direct wealth and bringing considerable benefits at the level reduction of emissions.

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