Decorating your home for christmas

19 November 2021

Decorating your home for christmas

Decorating your home for christmas

The first and most iconic moment for this day’s decorations is the Christmas tree. Whether you prefer the classic green tree or a colorful pink tree, we have to agree this is the most important thing to do to get into that Christmas spirit since decorating the tree is one perfect way to bond with your family and to create/maintain a family tradition. Don’t forget to place the presents under the tree.

Choosing a colour palette for your Christmas decorations is a good way to ensure a clear, nice and thoughtful decor. This way, if you buy new items you can make sure they match with the old ones.

Then, you can start to place the typical empty socks for Santa Claus to fill with small toys or candy, hang the mistletoes for the magical kiss under the mistletoe and the Christmas lights.

Light up some candles and use incense with cranberry, gingerbread, or cinnamon scent to wow your family/friends and get a more special moment.

Don’t forget about the traditional desserts and food and enjoy this special holiday with the people that matter to you the most.

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