Christmas traditions on the table

10 December 2021

Christmas traditions on the table

Christmas traditions on the table

The dining table is without a doubt the hotspot during the Christmas season and where food presents a privileged position trough recipes handled down from generation to generation, it is also where the family gather during hours and hours of conversation always filled with food.

In Portugal, there are ingredients and recipes that rarely miss a Christmas season. It is unavoidable to mention the presence of codfish for the Christmas supper. There is a Portuguese saying that you have 1001 different ways of cooking the codfish, however for this night there a more common way of cooking it – Bacalhau com todos or Codfish with all, that includes boiled potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and eggs.

There is a huge contrast when comparing with the lunch on the 25th where the meat is much more common, like roasted lamb, suckling pig, or turkey, always with roasted potatoes on the side.

On both days the sweets are the highlighted and in large numbers, where the regional lexicon increases the richness of this sweet moment. The famous rabanadas from the North, are known as fatias douradas or fatias paridas in the South, regardless the name, they are always able to warm up everybody. You also have the coscorões or filhoses and we can forget the so typical Tronco de Natal, known as Yule Log, that is usually the start of the night and is able to melt all the kids and the grown-ups.

With this number of dishes and extra guests that often appear during this time, the Legu Stool and its great versatility can be a huge help! It allows you to sit more family or friends or can give you an extra surface for dishes or drinks, that no longer have a place at the table!

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