Best upcoming Design events

07 March 2022

Best upcoming Design events

Best upcoming Design events
With a possible end of the pandemic we can see design festivals, fairs and other design related event are about to return and at Backhome we are excited with this news!

We organized a short with the main events during this year, take note!

Valencia was the chosen city for the World Design Capital and you have a full program during the remaining 10 months of 2022. Still in Spain, you have the 5th edition of the Madrid Design Festival, that showcase exhibitions trough different places in Madrid. Female voices are highlighted with names like Jane Withers, Hella Jongerius, Patricia Urquiola, among others.

In the beginning of March you can find Nomad St. Moritz, Switzerland, which will once again present an exclusive selection between design and art, from the 1st to the 5th of March. In Paris, we will have Maison et Objet happening between the 24th to the 28th of March, beside the main exhibition space, the city center will also full of events. M&O come back later on the 8th – 12th of September.

Just a few days later after Paris we have the most famous design event, Salone del Mobile / Milan Design Week, which returns to its usual calendar and once again mixes the biggest design brands with the most surprising installations and events at Fuorisalone.

In May we can find Object Rotterdam, happening in between the 20th to 22th, focusing a more independent and emerging designers and artists and crossing different disciples.

3 Days of Design started in 2014 and has become increasingly relevant in the panorama of design world, with a program divided between big names and small studios and makers, this year is happening between the 15th to the 17th of June.

In the end of Summer we can find the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair (6th to 9th September) with a focus on Scandinavian Design.

In Kortrij, Belgium, there is the Biennale Interieur, where renowned brands are mixed with exhibitions and conversations.

Heading slightly North, we have one of the most irreverent and independent fairs, Dutch Design Week, happening between the 22nd to 30th of October, offering a broader perspective of the idea of design can be today.

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