Backhome Online Furniture Store: Design, Function and Fun!

25 July 2022

Backhome Online Furniture Store: Design, Function and Fun!

Backhome Online Furniture Store: Design, Function and Fun!

Aren't you tired of seeing the same pieces of furniture everywhere? Aren't you afraid of disassembling products that hardly survive a second assembly? Are you looking for more than disposable and unsustainable products? Backhome is a Portuguese online furniture store that will surprise you.

Here you'll find authentic, functional and resistant pieces that will give your home personality. Come and get to know Backhome!
Warning: You run the serious risk of not being able to resist these unique pieces, nor of buying again in the big retail chains.

A Portuguese online furniture store with authentic pieces

This online furniture store of Portuguese origin designs, produces and sells pieces of furniture for every room in the house. They are simple and intuitive solutions, which give identity to spaces, while meeting the needs of everyday life, through objects focused on design, function and creativity.

All products are carefully thought out, from development to selected materials. The result is quality, practical and durable articles.
In a very simple and fast way, you will be able to buy these exclusive design pieces and receive them at home.

As an exclusively online store, distribution costs are eliminated, as well as retailer margins and other charges, which makes it possible to charge a fairer final price for you. This in addition to ensuring that the products are available for immediate delivery.

The online furniture store that combines design, fun and function


One of Backhome's priorities is the design, combined with function, and the selection of materials that guarantee their product's quality. All pieces are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, maintaining the strength of the structure and usability. They can thus be reused on different occasions.

In Backhome, you'll find a dynamic, functional and fun collection, with versatile and multifunctional pieces, adaptable to the most varied types of space and various possibilities of use.

Most of the items available in this online furniture store are produced using certified and long-lasting woods such as oak and ash. This type of wood is exceptional for furniture because it is consistent, without compromising the ease of working. In addition, it is highly resistant to scratches or external aggressions and can be easily repaired in case of damage, thus increasing the product's life.

Sustainable furniture: Design with conscience

Backhome's principle is to reduce the ecological footprint as much as possible. This means thinking about each piece with a sense of the impact it will have at all its stages: from the source of the materials to the manufacturing processes applied, from packaging to transport, until its end of life.

Therefore, Backhome uses wood from sustainable production sources and uses local suppliers, in addition to developing a conscious design that results in pieces of furniture with a much longer lifespan.

The packaging presents itself as the culmination of the process. Flat-pack is smaller and lighter and efficiently accommodates all Backhome products. Shipping is easier, cheaper and leaves a smaller ecological footprint.

If you are looking for different, sustainable and resistant furniture, check out the online furniture store   Backhome! These items will make a positive impact on the environment, not only in your home, but also in the world!


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