7 Wall decor Ideas

10 November 2021

7 Wall decor Ideas

7 Wall decor Ideas

Your walls can be amazing spaces to give free rein to your imagination and for you to express yourself while decorating it.

1 - Pictures

Make your walls an art gallery by filling your empty spaces with paintings, drawings and photographs. Extend your art gallery to your ceiling.

2 - Bookshelves

Use shelves, they are a great option to organize your books, place small decorations and plants.

3 - Tapestry

Tapestry offers a wall decoration that emphasizes a harmony of tones.

4 - Wall

Paint a mural or add a wallpaper to bring color and dynamics to your home.

5 - Ceramics

Your ceramics do not need to be kept in the closet, place your collection on the wall.

6 - Mirrors

This is a great option for small spaces, giving the feeling of being larger and also helping to lighten the space.

7 -Plants

Try hanging plants on the wall to bring some nature into the house

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