5 winter interior trends

23 November 2021

5 winter interior trends

5 winter interior trends

Winter is coming and it brings along cold (maybe snow) as much as coziness. Here are a few tips for trendy decoration this season.

1 - Fireplace

Just imagine looking at the window and it starts to snow. What better way to appreciate this moment than to be by the fireplace with your blanket? A fireplace is always something that makes your home warm and beautiful.

2 - Texture

A shag pile rug, a velvet or a fluffy blanket, all of these textures will make you want to touch it and wrap yourself in it.

3 - Colors

Earthy tones are very trendy but you can still choose a peachy pink or light blue.

4 - Lighting

We all know that days are smaller and it gets dark pretty soon, so the lighting is very important. Some lamps together with the fireplace light makes the perfect match.

5 - Indoor plants

Make your home feel warmer with nature. The most suggested winter plants with low maintenance are the snake-plant, Haworthia and ZZ plants.

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