5 Ways to organize a Bookshelf

27 October 2021

5 Ways to organize a Bookshelf

5 Ways to organize a Bookshelf

The Bookshelf presents itself today as an essential item to any house, this reason is mainly related with the versatility, that can range from the office, to the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen. In a quite small area you can fit a considerable amount of objects, and in some cases it can also work as a room divider and help you out to create small areas within bigger spaces.


Higher bookshelves (as the Scale 4.6) can presents as a challenge to fill all the shelfs, in order to obtain a visually pleasant structure, however practical and functional. It is import to have in mind that there is no recipe to organize the perfect bookcase, nevertheless we want to share with you a short article with 5 tips that can help you to structure your bookshelf from top to bottom!


  1. After the context where your bookshelf is defined, you should always start by collecting the main items and with bigger dimensions. This kind of items will fit your real daily needs and at the same time it will structure the rhythm and the bookshelf dynamic;
  2. Baskets and bigger boxes should be placed on the lower shelves, for a practical weight reason and to facilitate the access to them.( One of the advantages of the bookcase is the flexibility to turn the shelves on themselves, in order to create shelves with more or less storage.)
  3. It is almost impossible  to think about a shelf that doesn’t contain books regardless the context where is placed! We advise thee different ways of organize your books: by topic, by colours or by size. This decision must be intimately connected with your personality and the easiest way for you to life your daily routine.
  4. Make your Bookshelf your and personal by the using memorabilia that your have been collecting trough your life, this can range from little artefacts, different postcards, and photographs or even knickknacks! All this kind of objects will give life to your bookshelf and tell stories, to create dynamic relationships between different elements of scale, colour and textures.
  5. At Backhome we consider essential the presence of life through the contagious green of plants and flowers! Try to find nice pots and glasses that can support the plants and bring some alive elements to the space.

P.S. Do not forget to leave some empty spaces, like a drawing or a painting that contain empty spaces, so you will be able to reach a more balanced aesthetics.


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