5 ways to decorate your home with a bench

25 May 2022

5 ways to decorate your home with a bench

5 ways to decorate your home with a bench

bench is an incredibly versatile piece and it can be used in many different ways. With the proper decor, you値l see how good of an investment it is.
Here are some ideas for your bench:

1 - Entryway

It not only looks good, but it will optimize your entry. It値l help you to organize your footwear, and place your keys or seat while putting on your shoes before leaving your home.

2 - Bedroom

Near the feet of your bed is one of the most common places for your bench. You can keep your extra pillows, books and stuff you want nearby when you go to sleep.

3 - Living room

You can use your bench as a coffee table, you can place your coffee or even use it as extra seating for your guests.

4 - Divider

If your dining room and your living room are in the same area, you can use your bench behind the sofa to create the illusion of a divider and it can also be a bridge to different areas as it can be used from any direction.
Plank bench is a good solution as it is made of 100% solid ash and the wooden look creates a good and neutral balance for your space.

5 - Dining room

This is more likely in a European or Scandinavian style, but using a bench as a chair at your dining table can be interesting.

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