5 tips to upgrade your home decor this summer

30 June 2022

5 tips to upgrade your home decor this summer

5 tips to upgrade your home decor this summer

Summer has arrived and so did the summer sales, perfect for giving that fresh boost to your home. Before starting your summer upgrade, don’t forget to declutter and organize everything!

1 - Light

The first thing you should do is to open everything, and let light into your space! Open your windows, pull back your curtains, and eliminate dark decorations.

Another good suggestion is to use mirrors so they reflect that light. Check out Faial mirror to not only bring more light but also to hang your coats.

2 - Colors

Besides the colorful objects, you can set a colorful table! Mix tropical fruits and citrines on your tray or use ceramics with patterns, add these lovely elements to set the mood.

3 - Wallpapers

Try new wallpaper prints like geometric shapes, florals or just a more bold color contrasting your plain walls. If this seems too much, just add wall art and have fun with it.

4 - Wide spaces

Get rid of everything that doesn’t have a function, create more space to feel the air in the environment and let it breathe, this will make your room fresher. 

5 - Nature

Get in touch with your planet using more natural materials like wooden furniture, wicker baskets or bamboo. 

Also, this is the perfect season to fill your home with flowers and plants! Connect your home with nature to feel the peaceful environment and good energy.

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