5 tips to style an entrance hall

01 February 2022

5 tips to style an entrance hall

5 tips to style an entrance hall

Your entry is one of the most important spaces to decorate as it is the first impression your guests will have of your beautiful home. So here are a few tips for a good entrance hall:

1- Lighting

If possible, natural light is the key to a harmonious environment. So if you have a window, make sure to use that light to make your entry airy and welcoming.
If you don’t, we suggest wall lights or spotlights make it bright instead of a single chandelier or lamp.

2 - Hanger

Hangers or wall hooks are very important so you can take off your jacket or scarf and have a place for them. Also, you don’t make the other spaces messy with guests’ jackets.

3 - Seating

A seating area is very important so you can change your shoes or even take a private call.

4 - Organize

A long shelf unit can be helpful in maintaining your entry organized. This way, you can place decor objects and have a practical place for your keys or mail.

5 - Keep it clean

Try not to fill your entrance hall so it has plenty of space and looks more welcoming and clean. A good trick to make a small space look bigger are mirrors.

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