5 tips to make the most from your hallway.

26 November 2021

5 tips to make the most from your hallway.

5 tips to make the most from your hallway.

The hallway presents itself as a multifunctional space with an inherent duality that extends from welcoming to say goodbye. In between, it is also the immediate space that accommodates small actions such as storing shoes, hanging coats and scarfs, putting down bags and backpacks, save keys or letters and notes, among a bunch of other functions.

As space that can receive so many actions we know that it can be a challenge to efficient structure this area. We would like to share with you some tips and tricks that can be useful  during the process of restructuring, renovating or even adding a new function to your hallway!


Starting point – As in any project, consider making a short list of the most important functions and actions that occur in the space and organized them in order of relevance.

 1 There is an object that is rarely mentioned and it can make a huge difference is an entrance mat. We suggesting placing one outside the hallway and it present a quite abrasive surface, this will remove and contain dirt. Inside a rug will help to make the space warmer and welcoming.

 2 In smaller spaces, as many halls tend to be, finding objects that have two functions can be an effective way. For example, a small bench with a shelf, which allows us to sit down to put on our shoes but also to keep the space clean and organized; a bench that contains a shelf for storing shoes, thus providing a surface for sitting and putting on shoes. This space and moment of transition, of changing shoes from outdoors to indoors, becomes especially relevant in the wet winter months.

 3 The hallway, in parallel with the elevator cabins, are the last private spaces before you get in the public sphere and the mirrors allow you to double check that everything is in its proper place. In addition to the elementary reflection function, the mirror also have the capacity to enhance the space and make it more luminous. If the wall area is reduced a solution can contain multiple functions, for example a mirror with a shelf or a hanger is always a good choice.

 4 Finally, and bearing in mind that the hall is a space for passage, the act of placing some more decorative objects will add and share your personality with your visitors. Plants and ceramics, paintings, and photographs, among others, can enrich the space and make your entry and farewell at home more pleasant!

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