5 tips to decor small flats

17 March 2022

5 tips to decor small flats

5 tips to decor small flats

Do you want to decorate a small apartment but don't know where to start? When space is limited, every inch counts.
With Backhome, you'll find several solutions to optimize your home to the fullest. So, before you start decorating your small apartment, check out the tips we have prepared for you. Find out how you can make the most out of all the space available.

Invest in multifunctional furniture

In order to optimize space, choose versatile products that adapt to all environments and serve different occasions!
For example, Legu is a stool that can be used as a side table. Clapper sideboard can be used to organize your books or as a base for your television. And Cambalhota is a sofa that you can easily turn into a bed.

Use mirrors to create depth

Mirrors have the ability to light up the space as they reflect and create an illusion that the room is bigger. In addition to this function, our Faial mirror adapts to different spaces, such as a hallway or a bedroom, and maximizes storage space, thanks to the hangers that support it.

Take advantage of all useful space

Avoid overloading your rooms with decorative elements and choose the most important products for your day-to-day and well-being. Our designs are simple and concise to better suit different environments, without losing aesthetics and function.

Use “Light” furniture

Combining the right design with the most suitable material gives us the opportunity to get objects that create the idea of lightness. This feature enhances the feeling of a wider space. Due to its metallic structure, which is lighter and more functional, the Bravo Metal chair is a great solution for achieving a spacious living room.

Go vertical

Choosing tall, narrow storage solutions is the perfect way to get more organization in a smaller amount of space. Shelves and shelves, for example, are excellent elements that take advantage of the entire vertical area.
Scale 4.6 allows you to play with its dimensions and, as the shelves do not have a fixed place, it gives you the freedom to make new versions of it.

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