5 tips for a functional bedroom

31 August 2021

5 tips for a functional bedroom

5 tips for a functional bedroom


  1. Maximize your room’s space

    Be smart when you organize your room. If you have a small room maybe it’s better to hang a shelf on the wall instead of having a bookcase and you may add mirrors so your room looks bigger. In a bigger room, you don’t want it to look empty so you may use more furniture or decor items.

  2. Make sure you have the necessary furniture

    When you think of a bedroom, there are 3 pieces of furniture that are mandatory: a bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe. You can use multi-function furniture like Legu stool that you can use as a bedside table or a stool.
    Choosing your bed, keep in mind your bedroom space so if you need it, Twist bed is available in 3 different sizes. And if you need to work and you don’t have an office in your house, you can create a nook in your bedroom and make a study in the corner with our Hemingway desk.

  3. Add a storage system

    There are always those tiny items that we don’t know where to put them. Be sure to use shelves, bins, baskets, whatever you need but keep one thing in mind: group your items so it will be easier for you when you’re looking for them. You can also label them and always know where they are.

  4. Keep it organized

    This is an important step to keep your bedroom beautiful. Make sure you don’t overcrowd your room because it’ll look unorganized and messy, so be sure you keep space between your furniture allowing easy movement.

  5. Light is important

    If you have a bedroom window make sure you get the most out of it, keep it near your desk for natural light or your plants if you have them. Also, it’s always important having a lamp so you can be in your bed reading a book.


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