5 Tips for a bedroom to a better sleep

15 October 2021

5 Tips for a bedroom to a better sleep

 5 Tips for a bedroom to a better sleep

5 Tips for a bedroom to a better sleep.

Sleeping well is one of the essential pillars for our health, there are small gestures that can make all the difference when sleeping.

1. Clean, comfortable and hypoallergenic mattress.
Choose a comfortable mattress,there are good affordable viscoelastic and hypoallergenic solutions that will make you sleep comfortably and away from allergies, regularly vacuum the underside of your bed, use a mattress pad that you should wash every fortnight.

2. Lavender and absolute silence
Natural lavender is great for insomnia and does not cause any kind of allergy.
You can keep it in your room as a sleep treatment, another important aspect is to keep your room silent, invest in double windows if there's street noise, you'll see that it's worth the investment.

3. Keep the space organized
It's important that you keep your room tidy, without major visual distractions, at this point, less is more. Avoid cables, wires, scattered clothes. If you keep a workspace in the room, keep it clean and organizedso that it doesn't block thoughts of tomorrow's work.

4. Optimal temperature
No less important is sleeping in a space where the thermal sensation is pleasant, ideally 25 degrees, you should not feel cold or hot, of course in winter it gets colder and to make the space warmer you can use thicker rugs and blankets. close by.

5. Digital Equipment
Avoid using mobile phones, iPads or others in bed. Having a TV in the bedroom is also not recommended.

Have good night...

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