5 reasons to buy online

19 October 2021

5 reasons to buy online

5 reasons to buy online

Backhome sells exclusively online to avoid a host of hassles, bureaucracies and intermediaries along the way.

Reason number 1:
When shopping online, shop wherever and whenever you want. We send your new product, be it a desk, a chair or bed to your home.

Reason number 2:
Have you ever thought about the route from a product to a store? When we decide to sell online, we choose this strategy with the consumer in mind, selling online avoids stores and retailers and their margins on the final price of the product.Which means the price is fairer for the end customer. That way we can practice fairer prices for you.

Reason number 3:
By eliminating the large distribution chains, it allows us to have a quality control of our products, to know, collaborate and invest in a local circular economy and to pay our workers and suppliers fairly.

Reason number 4:
Making and selling a product is something that interferes with the well-being of our planet and threatens our well-being. The paradigm shift depends on a more conscious consumption, for this reason we sell our products in flat-pack and use certified wood to reduce our impact. All our products depart from the same location.

Reason number 5:
We are the ones who prepare and ship your product, in case something unexpected happens with your item, you will know who to turn to to solve any problem or doubt without intermediaries

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