5 interior design trends for 2022

23 February 2022

5 interior design trends for 2022

5 interior design trends for 2022

Quarantine makes us all tired of the same space year after year, so if you’re redecorating or simply moving, here are a few trending tips to help you make the coziest yet most beautiful home.

1 - Sustainable decor

As the constant worry about the environment grows, so does the search for sustainable products. Customers are looking for conscious purchases.

2 - Curved furniture

Moving away from minimalism, furniture is getting more sculptural. This year is going to be full of round-edged shapes and soft lines that deliver a more harmonious environment.

3 - Cozy wood tones

After the quarantine, people are realizing they prefer a cozy and warm look inside their houses.
This year the lightly stained wood oak furniture will be the focus.

4 - Natural light

This is always trending but it’s becoming even more important. Game rooms or media rooms are getting traded by bright spaces.

5 - Patterns

Contrasting patterns can be challenging but this year’s trend will be spaces full of personality.

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