5 ideas to decorate an home office

01 September 2022

5 ideas to decorate an home office

5 ideas to decorate an home office

Working from home can be difficult since it’s hard to make the right balance between work and leisure and that’s why having an area dedicated to it is so important.
The aesthetic of your home office may not seem worthy of a priority but it can have a major impact on your work and in optimizing your productivity. So here are some suggestions to make the best out of your home office:

1 - Storage

While working it’s normal to get a little messy.
A good storage furniture will help you keep your paperwork organized and the space neat.
Backhome’s solution is Scale 4.6 since it's a versatile shelf unit, the shelves do not have a fixed place, and you can assemble it how you’d like to better fit your needs.
If your area is small, you can place some Trivia shelves so you can still organize your things and save space.

2 - Functionality

When talking about a workplace, function is crucial on many levels.
Think about what makes you productive and keep everything that distracts you out of your office.
For space optimization, look for functional furniture. Our proposal is Hemingway desk as it presents details of functionality such as a black grid on the back that serves as a support for cables and sockets, side hooks to hang your headphones or your backpack and on the top you find a rail that allows cables to pass and support phones or tablets.

3 - Light

Lighting has a big impact on an office because it can affect you to different degrees.
Using as much as natural and bright light will increase your productivity, creativity and it even helps with your health, because your eyes won’t feel so tired.

4- Art

A few artistic decor will help you to get inspiration and increase your creative side. This will also give your home office personality but don’t choose anything that will pull your focus away.

5 - Define your area with a rug

For the final touch, add warmth to your room with a rug and it will tie your decoration all together!
This will bring comfort and texture to your home office.

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