5 home decor ideas for your studio

13 May 2022

5 home decor ideas for your studio

5 home decor ideas for your studio

Decorating a studio can be quite a challenge but it’s a chance to get creative! Here are a few tips to help you:

1 - Room dividers

Divide spaces with objects or curtains so you can create different rooms while saving space and creating a more private area. You can use curtains to give a “lighter” look or even furniture, such as a bookshelf.

2 - Use vertical space

Organize your stuff in a smart way, go vertical. Use your walls for storage and avoid using floor space, you can go for wall shelves, vertical bookshelves or wall-mounted media units.

3 - Minimalism

For a small studio, there’s nothing better than functional and elegant furniture. The more stuff you keep, the more it is going to look crowded and cluttered.

4 - Optimize entrance - espelho

Speaking about functional furniture, place a bench or a hanger next to your door. This will help you to keep your shoes, jackets or umbrellas organized.

5 - Mirrors

This is a good way to create the illusion of a bigger studio.

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