5 decor trends for 2022

30 November 2021

5 decor trends for 2022

5 decor trends for 2022
  1. Nature
    Natural materials are trending, people seek more timeless pieces and a more responsible and thoughtful approach to design is being made.From plants to wood furniture, nature is always a good inspiration.

  2. Texture
    Paying more attention to details, the texture fabrics like velvet are the new trend. Not only does it feel cozy, but it looks luxurious.

  3. Rounded designs
    To make your space look chic and modern, style it with rounded shapes. It doesn’t have to be in furniture, it can also be in lamps or mirrors.

  4. Neutral colours
    The palette you choose for your home is always personal because it’s where you can show your personality. Careful when choosing strong colours so you don’t get tired.Neutral tones are the perfect choice for a balanced and modern home.

  5. Minimalism
    Keep it simple. Focus on functional furniture and on simple decor, the less you have, the bigger your house will look.

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