5 decor ideas inspired by Autumn

09 September 2022

5 decor ideas inspired by Autumn

5 decor ideas inspired by Autumn

Fall is almost here and the change in seasons is really beautiful, with it comes the sweaters, the falling leaves and the hot chocolate. So why not make an update on your home decor inspired by this season and bring autumn shades indoors?
It’s time to warm up your home, here are some decor ideas to help you:

1 - Wood

For a warmth decor, wood is a great material because of its texture, making you feel in touch with nature, and its color in fall shades.
Treat yourself with a table or some benches like Plank bench, available in two sizes, or Sliced dining table.

2 - Texture

Add texture to your decor to make your space feel cozier.
Throwing pillows, blankets and rugs will not only help with the aesthetics but will help make you comfortable.

3 - Lighting

Although in Summer we talk about letting the most natural light in, now we’re talking about a season in which the days are shorter and the nights are longer.
So embrace the autumn mood and add warm layered lighting with some candle lights, and table lamps instead of bright lights.

4 - Neutral tones

Neutral tones are great for this season and to create that cozy feeling.
Shades of brown , beige , sand will make you embrace this season's spirit, or if you prefer using white, opt for warmer tones like cream, or shades of grey as an alternative for brighter colors.

5 - Plants

Replacing your greenery with dried florals is a great way to bring natural and beautiful autumn textures into your home.

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