5 best restaurants in Portugal

19 January 2022

5 best restaurants in Portugal

5 best restaurants in Portugal

Orteá - Vegan Collective

This concept is in Lisbon and it isn't limited to a restaurant either. In addition to being a restaurant, it is also a grocery store and a cheese factory.
Its name comes from the amount of plants and zen decoration.

STŌ Mercearia

A STŌ is not only a grocery store but it's also a coffee shop and a restaurant in Lisbon.
Every product is portuguese, since everything used in the kitchen are from its own grocery store. Wines are natural and with minimal intervention. In the morning, they serve breakfast and later, snacks and appetisers.


In Serralves (Porto), we find 8Oitenta. A restaurant, inspired by the brazilian flavors, whose concept is to present dishes “either 8 or 80”, in which 8 is based on vegetables and vegetarian dishes and 80 for meat lovers, such as picanha and breast stuffed with vegetables, cheese and bacon. .


Located in downtown Porto, Cruel is a themed restaurant for an adventure. They have three different menus: Medroso, for those who don't like to take risks; Cautious, for those who are afraid and Cruel, for the most daring.


The Ofício, in Lisbon, was created for the Portuguese public with very large doses.
The most famous and biggest dish of this restaurant is Chambão, it is recommended to be shared by 4 people.
This space has 2 floors and it's ideal for meat lovers, as the menu has suggestions with more than 300 grams.

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