5 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

30 November 2021

 5 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

 5 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

The Christmas mission is getting closer, and we would like to help you out with a small list of 5 gifts. At Bachome we know how challenging it can be to surprise year after year. A gift can fulfil different senses, from a perfume that transports us to a forest or a cookbook that fills our soul. We organize a list where design stands out as a relevant and differentiating factor.


  1. Legu Stool Backhome
    Legu stool presents itself as an apparently simple product but when we take a closer look the design contains subtle details, from the roundness of the seat to its connection with the legs and the fun fact that when it is not being used as a stool it have the ability of being stacked, similar to a small shelf. It can be seen as a product that match any house and a easy going person!

  2. Tony’s Chocolonely
    Christmas is without a doubt a sweet time where we can’t forget to sweeten our palate with some chocolate. Why not opt for a chocolate that can surprise your palate but equally for the design of the chocolate bites and for its mission to make the cultivation and production of cocoa fairer? Since 2005, Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in The Netherlands aiming to make the industry more transparent and sustainable, concerning all the people involved, with the main goal of eradicate slave labour. It is also an excellent example that design is everywhere; the chocolate tablet is divided in a irregular shape that allows us to choose a smaller or a larger piece, depending on our desire at the time.

  3. The Atlas of Furniture Design, Vitra
    For any product and industrial design geek (and so on), Vitra launched a book In 2019 – The Atlas of Furniture Design, which combines in 1028 pages mora than 1700 products from more than 500 designers with images, documents and other data. It should be noted that, in addition to presenting itself as an excellent source of information, it also presents an absolute well-designed edition with brilliant infographics and graphics schemes.

  4. ISTO
    Design goes hand in hand with industry and fashion is not an exception. Independent projects like the Lisbon fashion brand ISTO have tried to build awareness concerning the way we live and consume. Through a business dismantling, where we can find less players and without affecting the final product quality, ISTO is able to offer a small clothes collection that have the capacity to last a longer period with a fair price for all players involved.

  5. Scale 4.6 Shelf Backhome
    As the new year is getting closer there is a tendency to reflect, to ponder and to rearrange some losing points. Scale 4.6 can be a help at this point. It offers a good amount of freedom, when arranging the different wood boards, where we can fit objects with different scales. It is also an object with a clear design that can be easily integrated within any environment.

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